A brief introduction to the future…

So, I think it is time for some kind of announcement… I guess. What are you looking at?

This website is an unofficial and fan-made international/english-speaking project which will be soon launched by the following partnership:

French Sudden Strike community: Alliance Francophone

German Sudden Strike community: Sudden-Strike-Maps

Russian Sudden Strike community: Modplanet


So, what are our plans for this website you may ask?

On www.suddenstrike.com (here), you’ll be able to discover the different versions of Sudden Strike that still exist nowadays and which are played online. A short presentation for each mod will be available, and hopefully more content will be uploaded in the future (tactics, patchs, etc). We hope to create here a “central place” for the sudden strike fandom.

You’ll also be able to chat with other players and thus, find games. Here is a prototype of the future chatrooms (one will be available for each game):

You may also already check our international Sudden Strike teamspeak 3 server.

As you can see, nothing else is finished yet (still, you can already chat in this “experimental room”), but the work is currently in progress and talks between heads of the different communities are currently taking place.

Finally, we would like to thank Minneapolisseogeeks.com for its kind support as a sponsor. Visit this website in order to support ours! It’s (almost) an order. ;-)

Thank you for your kind attention.

Suddenstrike.com webmaster.

3 commentaires

  1. VINCENT POWER dit :

    i have been playing the German campaign Sudden Strike 3 for many hours and i have advantage quite a lot in enemy territory but the game has now frozen and i can not do anything. Please help

  2. Avinash dit :


    Can anyone tell me if the Map Editor for SS2 can be downloaded from somewhere?


  3. Major dit :

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