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What are you looking at?

The Arena is a fan-made international/english-speaking website which has been launched with the partnership of multiple communities. Mainly the What’s App RWEF community, but also:

French Sudden Strike community: Alliance Francophone

…and the German Sudden Strike community: Sudden-Strike-Maps


So, what are our plans for suddenstrike.com you may ask?

Depending on the Sudden Arena’s final content, this website will present additional/untold information about the most popular (if not all) the Sudden Strike games and versions. A short presentation for each mod will be available, and hopefully more content will be uploaded in the future (tactics, patchs, etc). We hope to create here a “central knowledge node” for the Sudden Strike fandom.

You may also already check our international Sudden Strike Arena teamspeak 3 server.

As you can see, nothing else is finished yet (though the Arena has opened early 2017), but the work is currently in progress and talks between heads of the different communities are still taking place.

Finally, we would like to thank Minneapolisseogeeks.com for its kind support as a sponsor. Visit this website in order to support ours! It’s (almost) an order. 😉

Thank you for your kind attention.

Suddenstrike.com’s webmaster.


Quick & dirty update: pretty soon a complete Sudden Strike 3 section by Titan_Gabriel. Stay tuned.


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  1. hello from skippy noobs , see the pretty site , not completed , this is bad

  2. Great game, great editor too, but…can´t find a tutorial for the Suddenstrike 3 editor..Any one knows where to download it?

  3. somebody can tell me how to play multiplayer?

  4. Hi ,
    I have issue in Sudden Strike III: Arms for Victory when i complete all tasks for ” The Ardennes Offensive ” the time show 277 Hour to finish last task .

  5. Its not working with “”nofog or “omniscience”… 🙁

  6. Anyone who has a cheat to remove the fog to sudden strike victory day (v 3.0)?

  7. This is strange because that is the original game. To my knowledge there isn’t an expansion to Sudden Strike 3. Have you tried the ol’ method of running the CD as administrator? If not maybe you bought a bad copy of Sudden strike 3.

  8. I recently purchased Sudden Strike 3 Arms for Victory and eagerly installed the game but alas when I start it up it comes up with an error thus : Please insert original DVD of Suddeb Strike 3. I thought this was a standalone game as I do not have the original SS3 is this what it is implying that I need the original ss3 to play arms for victory.

  9. Hi Guys,

    SS:RW Pacific Warfare Mod (PWM) will be updated to version 3. For those interested- check out the development blog and German Suddenstrike-Maps forum.

  10. Hi Guys,

    SS:RW Pacific Warfare Mod (PWM) will be updated to version 3. For those interested- check out the blog and forum:


  11. Hi have original sudden Strike 1. How do you get it working on Windows 7? It keeps saying insert disk, when the disk is in.

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