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Alliance Francophone Sudden Strike : Des tests, des images, des vidéos, des astuces, des maps... Une communauté et des forums actifs pour tous les Sudden-like... et les autres jeux sur le même thème ! www.sudden-strike-alliance.fr www.Sudden-Strike-Maps.de : Eine Seite für die besten Maps der Welt / A place for the best maps of the world / Une place pour les meilleures cartes du monde
French-speaking website / Portail francophone                              German-speaking website / Deutschsprachige Seite

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What are you looking at?

The Arena.
The Arena is a fan-made international and english-speaking website which has been launched with the partnership of multiple communities. Mainly the What’s App RWEF community, but also:

the French Sudden Strike community: Alliance Francophone

…and the German Sudden Strike community: Sudden-Strike-Maps

The Arena is intended to make classical Sudden Strike‘s multiplayer games easier to find and play. It will also feature an English-language message board.
The Sudden Arena has its own direct URL.


So, with that in mind, what are our plans for suddenstrike.com? Is this website now useless or what?

Suddenstrike.com is a WIP: depending on the Sudden Arena‘s final content, this website will fill in the blanks, and present additional/untold information about the most popular (if not all) the Sudden Strike games and versions (hopefully including Sudden Strike 4).
For starters, a short presentation for each mod will be available, and more content will be uploaded in the future (tactics, patchs, etc). Here we hope to create a central “knowledge node” for the Sudden Strike fandom.

As you can see, though the Arena has opened early 2017, a lot remains to be done. But the work is currently in progress and hopefully both the Arena and suddenstrike.com will eventually be completed.

Everything is a long process in this old community. Stick with us, stick together, as we slowly evolve into a more coherently organized fandom.

Take care, and see you soon on the battlefield.


Finally, we would like to thank Minneapolisseogeeks.com for its kind support as a sponsor. Visit this website in order to support ours! It’s (almost) an order. 😉

Thank you for your kind attention.

Suddenstrike.com’s webmaster.


PS – Remember to check our international Sudden Strike teamspeak 3 server!


Quick & dirty update: pretty soon a complete Sudden Strike 3 section by Titan_Gabriel. Stay tuned.


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  1. Shane o sullivan November 27, 2014 @ 1:51 am

    Yeah I am

  2. I am a player of all the games sudden strike and hidden stroke… For a few days I come reading it brings over of maps (single players), but not as installing them … could someone to help me?

  3. Hi

    1. Destroy the anti-aircraft position furthest west as soon as possible as you get callipo’s. With the callipos you can wreck havoc.

    2. Get the long range artillery you start with in the NW corner of the camp to the enemy base you captured at the beginning where all the ammo is. Bomb the sh*^t out of the town. Work out where their units are positioned, and hit them. Also, put the units in your most experienced tank into the long range artillery so that it is more effective.

    3. Then destroy all the AA, let the reinforcements attack, and with the vision they give you, use your long ranger artillery and callipo’s to hit their main targets.

  4. Hi All

    In Sudden Strike 3: The Last stand: For the first mission of the Ardennes offensive, when I enter the town, a timer appears, and the time on it is for over 276 hours?! Why? I am not going to wait over 10 (real) days for a counter attack. Am I doing something wrong? How do I fix this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. PLEAS HELP WITH SOME KIND ADVICE. I’ve got sudden strike last stand. I’ve completed all of the custom scenario levels, Ive gotten fairly good at the game, but I am still having trouble with the Ardennes Offensive Campaign level. Anyone have any tips, clues, pointers, strategy.etc. Please let me know it would be greatly appreciated…

  6. me too, you playing resource online?

  7. anyone on resources war?

  8. Still playing sudden strike 2 🙂 but it would be nice with new maps to the game! and i am not so much fan of mods…

  9. Omg wow. there are still people playing this? That’s awesome. I have Sudden Strike 3 Arms for Victory. Any body know how to download the French and British units?

  10. The best Sudden Strike map/mission ever made., Download SSRW 8.0 (free and no disc necessary). at (Sudden-strike-maps.de) under Singleplayer software SSRW 8.0. Find the forum. Look for RWM SP-MP Map tests. Open and find Panzerlehrdivision thread. Go to page 3 and find the game download file. I have played SS since 1999 and this is the best and most challenging map/mission ever made.

  11. Hi am looking to find out where you can play resource war online and find some add on’s as well,


  12. @ arms for victory

  13. hey there, where i can get the map Editor ?

  14. I installed SS3 but when I try to start up the game it states ” Insufficient privileges: you must be administrator when you run this application for the first time”. I am running as Administrator and I tell it to run as administrator.
    I am running Win7 32 bit, I also try to run game through the compatibility option in different Win OSes (eg. XP & Vista). And I shut down antivirus, No luck.
    Please help.

  15. I have complete the mission on ss 3 Omaha all objectives are complete but I don’t know how to finish the mission and move on, is there a hot key ?

  16. Hey guys! I would soooo love it if this website actually hit of and could connect the remaining sudden strike players! This game is one of the fondest memories of my childhood and I would love to play it again online!


  17. Abel VonSchiller August 19, 2014 @ 6:27 pm

    Sudden Strike 1, 2 and 3 are great games

  18. Hi I have a problem. I have instalated Sudden Strike 3 Arms for Victory on Windows 7 / 32 bit /. After videos of Fireglow and Cenega went game back to windows. I can not fix it. Please help…

  19. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me if the Map Editor for SS2 can be downloaded from somewhere?


  20. i have been playing the German campaign Sudden Strike 3 for many hours and i have advantage quite a lot in enemy territory but the game has now frozen and i can not do anything. Please help

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