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Alliance Francophone Sudden Strike : Des tests, des images, des vidéos, des astuces, des maps... Une communauté et des forums actifs pour tous les Sudden-like... et les autres jeux sur le même thème ! www.sudden-strike-alliance.fr www.Sudden-Strike-Maps.de : Eine Seite für die besten Maps der Welt / A place for the best maps of the world / Une place pour les meilleures cartes du monde
French-speaking website / Portail francophone                              German-speaking website / Deutschsprachige Seite

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What are you looking at?

The Arena.
The Arena is a fan-made international and english-speaking website which has been launched with the partnership of multiple communities. Mainly the What’s App RWEF community, but also:

the French Sudden Strike community: Alliance Francophone

…and the German Sudden Strike community: Sudden-Strike-Maps

The Arena is intended to make classical Sudden Strike‘s multiplayer games easier to find and play. It will also feature an English-language message board.
The Sudden Arena has its own direct URL.


So, with that in mind, what are our plans for suddenstrike.com? Is this website now useless or what?

Suddenstrike.com is a WIP: depending on the Sudden Arena‘s final content, this website will fill in the blanks, and present additional/untold information about the most popular (if not all) the Sudden Strike games and versions (hopefully including Sudden Strike 4).
For starters, a short presentation for each mod will be available, and more content will be uploaded in the future (tactics, patchs, etc). Here we hope to create a central “knowledge node” for the Sudden Strike fandom.

As you can see, though the Arena has opened early 2017, a lot remains to be done. But the work is currently in progress and hopefully both the Arena and suddenstrike.com will eventually be completed.

Everything is a long process in this old community. Stick with us, stick together, as we slowly evolve into a more coherently organized fandom.

Take care, and see you soon on the battlefield.


Finally, we would like to thank Minneapolisseogeeks.com for its kind support as a sponsor. Visit this website in order to support ours! It’s (almost) an order. 😉

Thank you for your kind attention.

Suddenstrike.com’s webmaster.


PS – Remember to check our international Sudden Strike teamspeak 3 server!


Quick & dirty update: pretty soon a complete Sudden Strike 3 section by Titan_Gabriel. Stay tuned.


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  1. Accidentally broke original Sudden Strike(1)DVD.Is it somehow possible to replace it? Old school but still very passionate about the game. Help?

  2. Hi,guys.Alwais played ss2 with great pleasure,yet 3 years back bought a new notebook,result-ss2 does not visualise on it(mouse moves,sound clicks,picture stays unchanged).On my old notebook it does not visualise also.How to get it runnung?Some patch needed or mode?
    Please help,if possible.

  3. hi troops,great to see others at war on ss1,i cant play it on my xp sp3 pc,i keep getting an error message saying “failed,code1”,it does the same on a note book which i played ss1 on for ages,it also played recently on a vista laptop then wouldnt,i cant find any answers to this problem ,also when direct x tries to instal ,a message appears saying “direct x cannot instal on this opperating system” it’s xp sp3,ss1 is a xp game ,now it wont play from either of the original cds,on xp or vista.please help me get back to my old unit.

  4. by the way, this game does not require any big graphic card, you can run it on a laptop with as little as 500 MB graphic card, old game, compatible and runs smoothly

  5. download team speak 3 and join server
    we play sudden strike RWM 8 beta 2 (real warfare mod) nearly everyday at 9:00 pm german time.
    we are a very small community (about 40 players worldwide) and we play this multiplayer game since release (2001)

    join us noobs 🙂

  6. We will work on it ASAP ! 🙂

  7. As soon as we will have time to work on that, everything will be done for the better ! 🙂

  8. Hi everyone !

    I’m actually moderator in the French speakers Sudden Strike community.
    Just a short note to tell you that this site is not abandoned, the community is working on a project to perpetuate it.
    We lack time and personnel at the moment, but we will get to work as soon as possible!

    Don’t give up !

    Community is still here ! 😀

  9. To whom it may concern,

    I purchased sudden strike 2 awhile back and installed it with no problems. I bought a newer computer in 2011 with AVG as the virus protection and now I get a virus threat: D:HDA\HD.dat. Can someone please help me resolve this?

    Thank you

    • You need to put the .exe of the game as an exception in your anti-virus parameters.

      The game is starting to get old and recent protection software are considering it as a malware despite the fact that it isn’t.

      (Sorry for bad english, I need more training, I’m working on it ! 😉 )

  10. Was a big fan of sudden strike forever and a regular on the gamespy/CDV community, best game ever as far as I’m concerned no other game ever took up so much of my spare time. Never really got in to the other versions but the fond memories of that voice saying ‘you have captured a flag’ and ‘reinforcements have arrived’ is burned in to my memory! I found my old copy recently while having a bit of a clear out, downloaded it again and stumbled across this site while looking for somewhere to download the patches. Good luck with it I hope it remains active, I will be coming back on a regular basis and who knows may even join a game or two if there are any going. 🙂

  11. Hey, I’ve been playing the Japanese campaign on Sudden Strike 3 and I’m on the level where the player is supposed to take out the American 5th Fleet but I can’t seem to find the third boat that’s supposed to be located in the south of the map. Any help?

  12. Hi iam trying to set up a Lan between 2 laptops both running windows 7 ultimate but when i try to connect via the multiplayer Lan option i get Error while initializing network cant get around it anyone know why?
    anyone know how to get a multiplayer game going as the i.p. multiplayer doesnt work either used to have hours fun with my mates with this game but now we cant play on line anymore how comes i could play with an old dial up modem and now we are broadband cant play seems tech guys have over complicated things… none of us can get it to work you start to lose interest after hours of tech talk when all you wanna do is blow your mate up with a tiger tank .

    • If you are connected to the same network, you should use the local IP to connect each other laptop.

      To find out what is your local IP, open the Commande Prompt (Win + r -> insert “cmd” -> when cmd is open, insert “ipconfig”).
      Then, your local IP should appear.

      Sorry for the late answer and for the bad english, I’m working on it ! 🙂

      Good luck !

  13. @T.Drisdelle : which hardware configuration ? There are well known issues with 2D versions of sudden strike and first Intel HD Graphics / nVidia Optimus

    @Hardeep singh : On the last version of Hidden Stroke 2 Fusion, you can easily kill tank’s crews and capture ennemy’s tanks. You can also get some soldiers on the tank to move them faster and even get crews out …

    @lokiss : Both people have to open ports, even though there are some limitations with a couple of provider especially with Belgium. DMZ, Tunngle or Hamachi may also solve your problem but with some drawbacks.

    @mark : specs ? PIII 800 Mhz with 128Mb of ram and Dx7 should be enought … Just open the game ports and let’s roll.

    @waran Payce : The french community, provides a complete french manual … http://hs2france.forumprod.com/manuel-du-jeu-sudden-strike-hidden-stroke-2-t56.html

  14. How can I get a game manual?

  15. got sudden strike forever,so want to kill newbiees haha lol…so kool but having trouble playin on the new coms,some1 please tell me what the specs are or system requirements,cheers kia ora! play hard!!!:)

  16. Having trouble even playing Sudden Strike 3.Says I need to Insert the correct DVD. Even after I installed the game from the CD.

  17. Hi guys, does anybody know how to play multiplayer with my friend over internet?
    I saw a topic about the necessary changes need to be made to open the ports of the router, i have opened but still can not join to a created game..!!

    Any help would be great..


  18. First i Thanks you for developing this type of games.
    I want to tell developer of the game.
    1.Sudden Strike Gold is not so interesting because we cannot get inside or outside form tanks the solders.
    2.we cannot capture enemy’s tank or cars .because these are destroyed by my solders.

    Sudden strike 2,Sudden Strike Normandy,Crimea,Low Jima are so beautiful and interesting games than
    Sudden Strike Gold.

    Please correct these limitations in the New games.

  19. Hi all,

    Does anyone know where I can get multiplayer maps for The Last Stand?

  20. Могу выслать тебе на почту игру, какая часть или версия тебе нужна?
    I can send you to the post game, what part or version you needed?

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